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A leaking appliance can cause water damage that could lead to costly flooring replacements or messy cleanup. How can appliances be prevented from causing water damage? Flood Buzz leak alarms detect the smallest leaks and alert you with a loud alarm to prevent major damage. Flood Buzz water leak detectors are a great way to save your kitchen and laundry room floors.

Flood Buzz Leak Alarms:

Leakage from water sources can be a problem for appliances that use water. These leaks often go unnoticed and are only discovered after extensive flood damage. We will discuss how different floors can be affected by this type of damage and how Flood Buzz leak alarms prevent water damage. First, let’s look at some of the most common leaky appliances that we use every day.

What Appliances Leak Water?

Some appliance leaks can be detected immediately with high water outputs, while others may take longer to detect. Both the type of appliance and its source can play a part in the cause and extent of the damage.

These appliances are susceptible to leaking.


A frozen or clogged defrost drain or damaged door gasket are common reasons for a refrigerator leaking water. These situations can lead to condensation buildup underneath the unit, which can cause leaks.
Ice machines: If the water line or hose isn’t connected properly, ice machine leaks can often occur. These leaks can happen inside and behind the machine near the water supply connection.


If your dishwasher is leaking water, it could be due to a faulty or damaged hose or valve. The drain hose and valve located behind a kitchen cupboard are common places for leakage. Other leaks can be found at the drain pump’s hose connection, which can cause flooring damage beneath the dishwasher.

Washing Machines:

Most washing machine drain and water supply hoses aren’t designed to last forever. After 5 years of constant use, many washing machines develop cracks or holes. This is when the washing machine will leak water from beneath or behind it. If the valves connecting the washer, standpipe and sink are cracked or rusted, they can also leak.

Water damage to kitchen and laundry room floors

Leakages can cause serious damage to your floors if they aren’t addressed immediately. This is especially true if subflooring beneath the floor is affected. Subsurface damage to flooring materials or subsurface damage can cause costly repairs or replacements, even after the floor has been dried.



Water damage can permanently affect the following flooring surfaces:

  • Vinyl: Although vinyl is waterproof, prolonged or prolonged exposure can cause mould growth, discolouration, and bulging or buckling.
  • Tile: Moisture can cause grout between tiles to crack and loosen. Moisture can seep into the subflooring, causing additional mould and leakage.
  • Laminate: The continued exposure of laminate flooring to water can cause warping, cupping, and cracking.
  • Hardwood: The most common type of water damage to hardwood floors is cupping. Cupping occurs when the edges of floorboards curl upwards, leaving the middle with a slight dip.

Benefits of Flood Buzz Leak Detector

How can you stop appliances from causing water damage? Flood Buzz Leak Detector, a water alarm that alerts you to water leaks immediately they occur, can stop extensive water damage. Place the Flood Buzz near any leaky areas such as refrigerators, dishwashers, or washing machines. Flood Buzz will sound a loud alarm for up to 24 hours after it detects any leak. Flood Buzz’s internal battery can last up to three years without causing any damage to flooring surfaces.

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