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It’s important to be familiar with the most common parts of a refrigerator in case it stops working. A good understanding of the parts will help you to understand the diagnosis and the price for repair.

Before we get into the details about appliance parts, watch this animated video that explains why you should repair and not replace them.

Many people believe that a refrigerator repair will cost a lot. But, this is not always true. These are the most popular refrigerator parts that won’t cost you a fortune.

4 Most Common Refrigerator Replacement Parts


The thermistor monitors and sends the temperature readings to the control board. A number of problems can occur if the thermistor is damaged. Failing thermistors are common causes of refrigerators not cooling properly or freezing food. The compressor fan and evaporator fan might not be working as well as they should. If your refrigerator freezes food, fans should not be running as often. The thermistor must be replaced if it fails to pass a multimeter test.

Motor for condenser fan motor

Another reason your refrigerator may not cool is the condenser fan motor. This motor draws air through the condenser coils, and then over the compressor. This motor is vital in maintaining the refrigerator’s temperature. It must be replaced if it doesn’t display continuity. This could also be the reason your refrigerator is noisy or loud. If you find the condenser, and it is making unusual sounds, check for debris in its blade. It’s possible that the bearings need to be replaced if there is no debris causing it.



Motor for Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan motor is another place to check if your refrigerator isn’t cooling. The motor is responsible for circulating the refrigerator’s air. If your refrigerator doesn’t cool down, it could be an indication that your evaporator fan motor has failed. This could also be the reason your refrigerator is loud, similar to the condenser motor. If your refrigerator’s door is opened, this could be the reason for the louder noise. These symptoms can be indicative of a problem with the continuity of your refrigerator’s evaporator fan motor windings.

Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve controls the water supply to the refrigerator dispenser or ice maker. It can also cause problems if it isn’t working properly. If your refrigerator leaks water, it could be due to a crack in the water inlet valve or a loose connection to the water supply. Mineral deposits could also be the reason your refrigerator isn’t operating properly. Mineral deposits could also cause your refrigerator to make louder sounds. It is impossible to repair the water inlet valve, which makes it one of the most commonly replaced parts for refrigerators.

Not-As-Common Refrigerator Replacement Parts

Many problems you have with your refrigerator, such as not cooling, are misdiagnosed as problems in the main control board or compressor. These parts aren’t as commonly used to replace refrigerators and are often not the cause of refrigerator problems. It is possible to save money by first examining the most commonly used replacement parts.

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