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You’re convinced that your tumble dryer is in dire need of repair and it’s time to replace it. You’re reluctant to buy a new tumble dryer because it’s been over a decade since you last bought one and fear the cost. We know how you feel. We understand your pain.

You don’t have to be anxious! These are some helpful tips to make the purchase of a new tumble dryer a pleasant experience.

Tumble dryer Buying Tips

Get Started with the Essential Features

There are two types of features that tumble dryers have: luxury and essential. These features are essential for purchasing a tumbler:

  • Dryness sensors and custom settings allow you to regulate drying time.
  • Temperature control is necessary to ensure delicates are treated with care.
  • The permanent Press option can be used to reduce wrinkles
  • Drum size: Standard drum sizes will help you keep costs low, but larger drums can be purchased for a higher price.

These features are generally priced in the R6500-R7500 price range. You can add more features to your tumble dryer to make it more user-friendly and stylish if you have more money.

You Should Look for Luxury Features

The price of a luxury tumbler will depend on your personal preferences and financial resources. Some of the most popular luxury features are:

  • Stainless steel tumble dryer drum. A stainless steel drum is stylish and will not rust.
  • For visibility during the dry cycle, glass door
  • Additional drying options include Speed Dry, Wrinkle Care and Bulky / Bed options.
  • To dry your sweaters or sneakers, use a drying rack.
  • Large capacity drum. Large capacity machines are ideal for large beds (wash your Cal King comforter!) Families that anticipate a lot of loads.

Tumble dryers with such features can often be purchased for as low as R8500-R15000+

Keep in Mind Energy Efficiency

It is no secret that buying a tumble dryer can be a major purchase decision. You want to make the best long-term investment. It is important to consider energy efficiency (both for your wallet and the environment).

An “Energy Star” label indicates that the most efficient units are at least 20% more efficient than the federal minimum standards for the current calendar year. These units are often more expensive, but many utilities offer rebates to encourage customers to buy more efficient units.

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