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After Burner is turned off, Igniters click

Click, click, click…

This sound is probably familiar to anyone who has a gas stove, or cooktop. The knob is turned on and you hear the burner light up. It’s all good. But what do you do if you hear the igniters click after the burner has been turned off?

There are many reasons your igniters may click when the burner is turned off. This could be due to a defective switch, a loose burner cap, dirty igniters, or moisture around the igniters.

How to stop Igniters from clicking when Burner is turned off

Igniters are triggered by food debris. It is possible that your stove or cooktop’s igniters are not clicking when the burner is turned off. This could be a sign that it needs to be cleaned. This is the main cause of constant clicking. Food debris and other food particles can build up around the ignition system if you cook a lot. The system will be thrown off by this grime, which can cause the ignition to click when it’s off.

It is very simple to do this. You just need to clean the gunk.

  • Unplug the power source and take out the burner cap
  • To remove/dislodge the food, use a toothbrush or another small scrubber
    • Around burner
    • Under knobs
    • Inflammator
  • To get rid of any remaining buildup, dip a Q-Tip in alcohol.
  • Get to cooking!



Moisture Causes Igniters To Click When Off

Excessive moisture in the area is another common reason for igniters to click constantly. You can cook up a storm. Sauces and pots boil over. The moisture can get into the ignition area and cause it not to turn on when the stove/cooktop is turned off. The culprit could also be moisture on the switches.

Aggressive cleaning is another cause of moisture. It’s possible to let too much water, cleaning solution or other liquid seep into your igniter system after you have just cleaned the cooktop.

The problem can be fixed by allowing the parts to air out and drying them.

  • Unplug the power source
  • Take out knobs and caps from burners
  • Lift stovetop
  • To absorb water, use a paper towel and allow everything to air for a few hours.
  • All parts should be replaced and the lamp should be lit!

Burner Cap Misaligned Causes Igniters To Click When Off

You may not have to worry about food debris or moisture if the range igniters are clicking in the wrong position. You might have a burner cap that is out of alignment, which could be interfering with your igniter. This can be easily corrected by re-aligning the burner caps.

  • Make sure the stove or cooker is completely cool
  • Take out the burner grate
  • Replace the burner cap by removing it.

Faulty parts can cause ignitions to click when off

If your igniter and knobs still sound clicking when the burner is turned off, you may have defective parts. You can replace the part yourself if you are handy. This may be the part you are looking for:

  1. Spark Module
  2. Spark Ignition Switch
  3. Ignitor

A certified range repair centre is available if you don’t want to mess with your stove or cooktop parts.

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