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Tumble dryer vent cleaning should be included in your spring cleaning list. This task is often neglected, but it is important for two reasons. Lint buildup can cause a fire hazard and increase drying time. Lint buildup in tumble dryers is one of the most common causes of home fires. These instructions will help you clean out your tumble dryer vent and eliminate the risks.

How to Clean Tumble Dryer Vents

#1. Clean out the lint trap.

You should do this every time you use your tumble dryer. But if you have not done it before, now is the time. Take it out, remove all the debris and use a vacuum attachment with a hose attachment.

A soft brush and soapy water are good options for cleaning the lint trap, especially if softeners are used frequently. This can cause wax buildup. You can reduce the buildup of wax by using organic wool tumble dryer balls.

#2. Clean the vent of your lint trap.

Small fibres can get trapped in the vent and will pass through the trap. To remove the lint, use a small appliance brush.

Although it can be difficult to manoeuvre, the brush should be flexible enough to remove most of the lint. To remove the remaining lint, you can use a vacuum attachment. It may take patience to clean your vents if they haven’t been cleaned in a while.

#3. Clean the tumble dryer vent.

You may also find lint in the tumble dryer vent, which is located at the back of your unit. You will need to remove the tumble dryer from the power source (home electrical box) and move it to a location where you can access the vent duct. A large brush will be used to clean the duct.

Use a brush to gently spin a flexible tumble dryer tube made of foil or plastic. Your vent may be damaged if you don’t. To speed up the cleaning process, attach a drill to the end if you have a tumble dryer duct made of metal.

To ensure tumble dryer safety and performance, we recommend that you repeat this cleaning procedure every six months. Happy Spring Cleaning!


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