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Do you want to organize your home before school starts? Although it may not be on your priority list, knowing how to organize your fridge is vital. Your refrigerator and kitchen are where most family time is spent. These refrigerator organization tips will help you organize your fridge and make your family run like a well-oiled machine.

The Best Tips for Organizing Your Refrigerator

Shelf Mats – Make shelves look pretty and protect them!

Plastic table mats can be found almost anywhere. They can be cut to any size you need, making them both affordable and ideal for refrigerator shelves. These mats can be easily removed and cleaned anytime. They also come in a variety of beautiful patterns that will make your refrigerator interior look stunning! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use shelf mats in your fridge.

Snack Bins – Keep them visible

Everyone loves snacks. What better way to provide healthy snacks and keep them organized than by using designated snack bins? Old refrigerator drawers, bins or baskets can be used to store snacks. You can choose the snacks you and your family love to eat and put them in the snack box. Individual containers can be used for carrots, celery, and berries. You’re sure to get your snacks eaten quickly when they are already prepared and ready to go.

Lazy Susan – Easy access to all items!

Are you tired of reaching for the back of your refrigerator blindly to find what it is that you are looking for? You can add a lazy Susan to your refrigerator’s middle shelf. This is a great storage solution for small containers, sauces, jars and other items. Simply place your items on the rotating tray, and spin the tray until you find the item that you are looking for. This clever fridge organization hack makes it easy to find the foods you use less often.



Bacon Keeper – Cold cuts can also be stored in this container!

A bacon keeper is one of the best ways to organize your refrigerator. These can be purchased at your local Walmart or Amazon. The bacon keeper is great for organizing your refrigerator and making it easier to store uncooked bacon. A bacon keeper is a great way to keep your bacon, cold cuts and other cooked meats safe and ready to go.

Label Bins – Use scrapbook letter stickers/print onto Peel & Stick paper

Nothing is more attractive than bins that are clearly labelled to show where your items go. This can be done on your fridge. To create personalized labels for refrigerator drawers, shelves and bins, you can either buy scrapbook letters from your local craft shop or office supply company or use Peel & Stick papers at home. This is a great way to organize your fridge for your family. You’ll love looking at the pretty labels and knowing that everything is in its right place.

To prevent cross-contamination, vacuum seal raw meats.

Consider investing in a Food Saver if you are able. Vacuum sealing food is a proven way to preserve freshness, especially meats. The appearance and freshness, as well as the health, of meats exposed to the air, can be affected by oxidation. You can extend the life of your meat by using the vacuum-seal technique. It prevents oxidation and keeps meat juices contained. You can store meats with or without a vacuum seal on the bottom shelf in a container pan/tray. This will prevent raw meat juices dripping onto other foods and contaminating them.

To maximize your organizing efforts, ensure that your refrigerator is working efficiently.

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